Friends and Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 456
Likely 22
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 0
Don't Know 0

What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

Great friendly staff, the doctors give you the time you need at your appointment
- Anonymous on 25/01/2018
All staff pleasant and helpful. A highly praiseworthy surgery. Very fortunate to have that. Keep it up, well done. A great bunch of GPs too
- Anonymous on 06/12/2017
Friendly, considerate and efficient -all staff at both Brampton and Alconbury
- Anonymous on 26/09/2017
1st Class staff, 1st class service
- Anonymous on 14/09/2017
I am very happy with my doctors, they are always sympathetic to our needs, have a wonderful manner which is hard to find these days. Best surgery I've ever had
- Anonymous on 25/07/2017