Friends And Family - Results

Extremely Likely 135
Likely 48
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 17
Unlikely 1
Extremely Unlikely 2
Don't Know 0

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As a recent patient I am very, very happy + impressed with this practice, all members of staff are very helpful.
- Anonymous on 02/01/2015
Lovely doctors + office staff. Always there when needed!
- Anonymous on 02/01/2015
Very good coverage for all the family
- Anonymous on 02/01/2015
*I can always get an appointment - reception staff are very helpful *I am offered tests + therapies that I might not know to ask for re feminine health, allergies. *I'm offered blood tests & checks regularly, I am fit! I feel that the medical centre keeps me fit.
- Anonymous on 02/01/2015
I love this practice. Everyone is so friendly.
- Anonymous on 01/12/2014