Friends and Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 476
Likely 118
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 40
Unlikely 25
Extremely Unlikely 46
Don't Know 10

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Quick and friendly service in particular blood test service (Diane ) excellent.
- Anonymous on 03/05/2018
The Nurse was very friendly and I was put at ease Thank you
- Anonymous on 03/05/2018
Diane the blood nurse is amazing, she is quick efficient and puts you at ease. While waiting for my routine blood test everyone in the waiting room was singing her praises - pay rise due !!
- Anonymous on 03/05/2018
- Anonymous on 03/05/2018
The surgery used to be a stable practice with doctors who stayed for a long time. You got to know a doctor and, more importantly, they got to know you. Now, there seems to be a revolving door policy for doctors at the surgery. I don't like this as I cannot get the care I have had in the past
- Anonymous on 22/04/2018