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The surgery is accommodating, flexible, and offers both immediate support for health needs as well as a range of services supporting health promotion. The people and the practice are outstanding.
- Anonymous on 03/01/2017
Over the past 6 years I have found the whole team to be very professional. The doctors are extremely understanding and although appointments are 10 minutes if they need longer it's not a problem. The nurses are friendly and very helpful. as are the receptionists. the added bonus is it has it's own dispensary which means you have quick access to obtaining medications when prescribed.
- Anonymous on 15/10/2016
Staff are always supportive and welcoming. Open surgery no matter how long the wait is a facility that is amazing. I am not aware of many other medical centres that offer for patients to be seen by a doctor on the same day. I also appreciate the alternative option of booking an appointment. The medical care that I have received has been first class provided by a caring team of empathetic professionals. Thank you.
- Anonymous on 21/06/2016
Excellent service. Ability to see a doctor each morning with open surgery. Exceptional care whilst undergoing treatment for cancer.
- Anonymous on 06/12/2015
had an appointment with the Practice Nurse, who, despite her appointments running late, didn't rush me and was very friendly, approachable and helpful.
- Anonymous on 24/11/2015