Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 51
Likely 14
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 11
Unlikely 9
Extremely Unlikely 8
Don't Know 0

What you had to tell us

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Too many part time Drs, time keeping hopeless appointments need to be booked too far in advance
- Anonymous on 31/03/2017
Receptionists very rude
- Anonymous on 31/03/2017
quality of care
- Anonymous on 31/03/2017
- Anonymous on 31/03/2017
This is the Only Surgery for the Calllington Tamar valley Public serving nearly 18000 people but not enough space for access or Parking at either Callington could have more use of separate nurses building for child vacinations etc Diabetic clinic or similar no space in waiting room for push chairs remove grass patch and Road hedge 3 foot Waiting for Promised health centre at MOSS SIDE desperately NEEDED cALLINGTON AND cALSTOCK cOUNCILLORS ARE USELESS AT RAISING MONEY AND stop building houses to overflow the area CORNWALL COUNTY COUNCIL SHOULD BE TACKLED FOR GRANTS AND STOP GIVING MONEY TO DERRIFORD HOSPITAL GINSTER AND TESCO SHOULD BE CONTRIBUTING TO THE PEOPLE IT MAKES ITS INCOME FROM ALL BUILDERS SHOULD GIVE A PREMIUM FOR THEIR INTERESTS
- Anonymous on 05/11/2016