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I would like to make a complaint regarding Dr Hardy about an attitude towards my medical concerns on several occassions. It has been noticed she is uninterested, dismissive and burnt out which gives me the impression which gives me the impression she does not want to be there. I strongly feel she is ready for retirement. She failed to engage with me, let alone show any empathy or understanding of my issues. I have walked away feeling like it was a waste of time. Due to her lack of understanding and interest.
- Anonymous on 26/04/2018
I've always found the reception staff very helpful. On my first day of joining the practice one lady was absolutely brilliant and so helpful after my old GP seriously failed in their duty of care. The medical staff have always been attentive to mine and my children's ailments and dealt with them effectively.
- Anonymous on 28/12/2016
Difficult to get through on the phones
- Anonymous on 31/05/2016
Complains of symptoms but just totally ignored.
- Anonymous on 29/12/2015
Excellent GP's
- Anonymous on 22/09/2015