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Neither Likely nor Unlikely 6
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 11
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I really struggle to get a face-to-face appointment and am very troubled by the vague advice I always seem to get over the phone. I feel that my doctor doesn't know/doesn't ask enough about my symptoms to give me advice and again doesn't explore enough to help me. In the past I have seen a Locum Doctor at this GP practice who was more than helpful. I felt they were very good at dealing with the problem and I felt that I was listened to but I always have a problem with my own doctor as I feel that they always brush off my problem until it becomes more serious. While I appreciate that the doctors are very busy and have a lot of patients to see, I feel they waste their own time by speaking to me several times on the phone for the same problem only having to eventually see me anyway, at which point my symptoms are worse so I am now struggling and they have more work. Its really distressing, and when I have discussed my experiences with this surgery to friends/family who are also registered with Narrowcliff they say they have the same problem with not being seen.
- Anonymous on 07/08/2017
I love the staff and how helpful they are but I just wish they would do later appointments for blood tests as I really struggle to have time off work to get there. I realise we are all human and no one would necessarily want to stay late but it would really help those like me who work the same hours as the surgery.
- Anonymous on 24/07/2017
Friendly helpful quick response by GPs nurses. Ofer professional service
- Anonymous on 14/06/2017
Extremely helpful efficient and friend;y staff and service. Could not ask for better care
- Anonymous on 14/06/2017
All of you deserve a medal, You are always so efficient. I can't fault anything you do. Thank you so much
- Anonymous on 11/05/2017