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Never any available appointments have to either phone on the day or book 5-6 away which doesn't help for people that work
- Anonymous on 17/10/2017
General appalling service. Telephones don't get answered. Appointment lead times are unsatisfactory.
- Anonymous on 26/09/2017
Can never get an appointment, reception staff are very rude, always see a different or Locom doctor, very unorganised and uncaring. I would NOT recommend this doctors surgery. How can they run a doctors surgery with 1 doctor. They are putting people health at risk. The surgery needs closing down and re-opening when they have full staff.
- Anonymous on 26/09/2017
Appointments are extremely hard to book, and my last two were cancelled. Each time I phone up, the receptionists tell me they can't book me an appointment because they're waiting for the diary to be opened up more. There must be a better system than this!
- Anonymous on 25/08/2017
I feel like I am not being listened to and th st the surgery is Bergeron like a business and not like a doctor's surgery.
- Anonymous on 20/08/2017